OAuth2 API - Error 404


I’m trying to use OAuth2 API Credentials to connect to my ERP. Have setup everything in n8n, on clicking the “Connect my Account” it takes me to the ERP to authorise as expected but when it redirects back to the n8n Redirect URL I get a failed to connect:


Redirect call from the ERP:

The call back from the ERP looks ok (to my untrained eye) so not sure why its failing…any help appreciated.


Hi @jasonR, I am very sorry you’re having trouble.

This looks like n8n could not get a token from the ERP system you have in use and did not receive an error message either (or was unable to parse the data it has received), which is why the “details” say just "".

Is there a chance your Access Token URL could be wrong? Can you confirm which ERP you are trying to connect and which version of n8n you have in use?


Hi @MutedJam , You were spot on, was an error in the Access Token URL. Updated that and all working well now :+1: ERP was Acumatica.
Thanks for your help.

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