OAuth2 credentials for Typeform keeps on disconnecting

After a few days running fine, credentials need to be refreshed as this error pops out:


Have been using Typeform for over a month now and it keeps on happening ever since. Perhaps it is a timeout issue, but this should be handled automatically? Issue is not replicated elsewhere, e.g Integromat.

Version: 2.12.0

Hosted with Cloudron.

Hi @hansauge, welcome to the community!

Is there a chance you are using Typeform only occasionally? From your screenshot it seems you are currently using OAuth2 authentication. n8n’s implementation doesn’t cover all use cases at the moment unfortunately, it doesn’t refresh tokens regularly. Instead, it tries doing so when actually speaking to the respective service (and I am not fully sure that happens when a trigger event is received).

The usual workaround for rarely used services would be to set up a regularly running workflow that performs some dummy operation in the required, but that’s of course not an option for Typeform (as there is no “regular” node that could simply fetch data).

So perhaps you might want to consider using the access token authentication for Typeform instead of OAuth2?

@MutedJam Thanks for the quick reply!

Why would it require a dummy operation instead of a listener to an actual events?

The current form that it listens to is about a response on 3-5 days basis. how long is the current refresh token?

Hey @hansauge,

A dummy operation would trigger n8n to refresh the token so you could run something small on a daily cron schedule just to get the refresh going.

Looking at the documentation for Typeform they say the default value for the token life is 1 week so that should fit in with the 3 - 5 days. A quick way to check if that is the issue would be to load the credential and reconnect if that works we know it is a token issue.


Dummy operator helped keeping the connection up. However, some requests were not recorded on n8n, needed to find the missing entries inside typeform manually.