One-click to pin output from last execution


I often find myself trying to fix nodes that depend on data in a loop with long calls, or fixing workflows that are called by another webflow.

I don’t want to trigger the workflow each time so I go to the last execution (which failed) and I copy the JSON output of the node I want to simulate the output from, before pinning it in the editor’s node.

I believe it could be much faster.
I would suggest the following:

  • When clicking on the pen to edit a node
  • Have a button to “load last execution output”
  • Once clicked, it would pull the output of that same node ID from the last failed execution

I was imagining the button next to this:

My use case:

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It would save time when trying to troubleshoot a workflow that cannot simply be executed from the start.

Any resources to support this?


Are you willing to work on this?

If I could, I would. But I’m not a developper.

@Joachim_Brindeau this is an excellent idea and something that we have on the roadmap. Great to see we’re thinking the same thing :+1:

How often would you want just the last execution vs being able to choose which execution it was?

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Honestly, very rarely (1/20 ?)

I don’t think a drop-down where you select the execution would bring added value that would outweigh the burden on the UI.

I am all for a lean UI and honestly I would even find normal to just load last known output as soon as the person clicks on the pencil of a node with an empty output. Hence no modification of the UI at all.

For me just a button with “load last execution” would be enough.
But it would be nice to add a button in the Execution history to make it possible to load any execution.

How would a changed workflow be handled?

@Joachim_Brindeau don’t forget to vote for your Feature request (;

Here is a pretty similar feature request:

At least in the comments, there are quite similar ideas.