One Request - Multiple Triggers?

I am currently trying to develop a solution for the following problem:
I have a SharePoint site, which sends a webhook to a predefined URL.
The data it sends includes a resource field, its an ID of the resource that was altered (List, Site, another List etc.)
What would be really really cool is that I have one URL, that gets called, and then I have multiple workflows which have a custom trigger (If ID XYZ123 changed, then).
Like there is one “default” workflow, which broadcasts the resource ID so that other triggers can be initiated.

What I would do is hardcoding the paths into the default workflow, if the resource ID is XYZ123 then trigger the createCustomer workflow, if its XYZ456 then trigger this one. It would be a lot cooler if I could create new workflows with a custom trigger, that has an ID property, without needing to add a route in the default workflow.

Is this possible with n8n (Self-hosted)?

Hey @AltayAkkus,

My first thought would be to call the one webhook url then in that workflow call another workflow that is relevant to your ID so maybe a function node would be needed to return the id of the workflow you need to run for it or the event is what determines it.

You can find some info on the execute workflow node here: Execute Workflow | Docs

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