Any chance for OnlyOffice support?

I am not sure if OnlyOffice has any API’s? I’ve personally moved away from Google.

Welcome voarsh2!

It does have an API:

Which of these resources/operations are you most interested in? Based on your answer we can better prioritize functionality when we create this node.

Remember you can vote for it as well.


I’m glad it is open, I know you lot are squeezed for prioritizing.
This product is great, I’ll have to come back later and think about your question a bit more. :slight_smile:

So, just a brief look. The API is really quite extensive and complex,

You’d probably want to be able to create a file with a filename.

The usual open file, append new line and add data?

I’ve never had to pick out pieces of API documentation and say specifically what needs to be utilised.