Opinion for additions on the N8N

The N8N has been making my life a lot easier with the automations I create for the company I work for, however, I see some improvements that could be added.

I saw a great need to separate flows by masses that could be located in this area here. I believe it would be a great fit for organization within N8N.

Another thing I think would be really interesting to add would be integrations with famous CRM’s like Ramper Pipeline, HubSpot, RD Station and other great CRM’s out there.

Hey @Igor_Alfarth,

What do you mean by “separating flows by masses”?

With the CRMs on the ones you have mentioned we already support Hubspot, I have not heard of Ramper Pipeline before but for specific nodes it is probably best to make one feature request for each one that you want.

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Hi Jon! Sorry, it’s just that I speak in Portuguese, often the English kind of alternates what I say.

The question of the flows is to separate them by tabs or folders. For example, each customer has a tab with his automations.

The question of CRM’s, would be the “Linkseller” the Ramper Pipeline, is that as the company Ramper bought Linkseller changed its name. But it would be nice to add modules for new CRM’s in addition to those that already exist

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You can use tags and separate the flows in this way

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