Option to enable creation of missing folders in filesreadwrite

The idea is:

I would like to have a settings-option in the filesreadwrite-node to enable it to auto-create missing sub-folders within my specified path. much like using “mkdir -p” when creating a file in w workflow, a variable “Directory” is already available. (see screenshot)

My use case:

There are various scenarios where this would come in handy:

  • I name my Workflows like “Client/Project/WorkFlow” and then auto-backup my workflows using a dedicated workflow which creates a .JSON-file for every workflow and commits it to a GitLab-repository. with the / (forward-slash) in the filename i get a clean and organized directory-structure in my repository. with the current state of the filesreadwrite-node, I have to create the folders manually before this works.

  • creating dynamic content using AI often results in multiple files returned which due to the large number and types of files can require the creation of additional folders during a workflow-execution (eg. dail/weekly subfolders)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

see explanation of use cases above

Are you willing to work on this?