Outlook node - all day events

I finally figured out how to create all day events in Outlook.
The trick is to set the event time to midnight and the time zone to UTC.
Any other time zone that does resolve to midnight won’t work, in my experience.

Now to my Problem/Question.

When I try to create an all day event, that spans over more than one day it will still create a single day event. (see screenshot)
Is this the intended outcome or am I doing something wrong :sweat_smile:?

Hey @atwork1,

That sounds like we might need to update the node to correctly handle this, I will get an internal bug ticket created to fix this in a future version.


Hi @atwork1
as a fallback you can use the HTTP request node (with your predefined Outlook credential).

Here’s an example of how you can configure it:

You can play with the Microsoft Graph explorer starting from here and then copy the Request Body into the Body parameter in the HTTP request node
Hope it helps!


there are some more inconsistencies with this node in relation to the date/time fields as shown below.
One Field is set to Summer Time, the other is not.
In this example the n8n and workflow timezone is set to Berlin UTC+2

The output (event time) will be wrong accordingly. The ‘end’ time will be 1 hour ahead.




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