Outlook node Error : All recipients must be resolved before a message can be submitted

I am using the Microsoft Outlook Send a Message action.
When I directly type the email recipient email addresses into the node the email is sent no problems.

If I try and use a string containing the email from an incoming JSON object the preview looks right under the field:

but I get the following error:

At least one recipient is not valid., Recipient ' <email address from JSON object>' is not resolved. All recipients must be resolved before a message can be submitted.

Anyone know how to resolve the email address?

Interesting. We’re using office365. If I use an email address from the global address list and type that into the recipients field on the node the email sends without error.

If I bring that same email address in from JSON it fails with the same problem as per OP.

I might have some weird session / data session thing going on as theie is inconsistency as to what causes the error message to pop up. (I can’t make it do it at the moment)…

Hey @MartinLangmaid,

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Sadly that is not an error we have any control of that is the mail server reporting an issue to you, Does that field accept comma seperated emails as well?

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