Output previous webhook node

Hello Community,

I’m looking to how output previous webhook output regardless which one has been triggered.


Do you have an idea in mind ?


Hi @TheG

Not sure what the problem is.
Which ever webhook gets triggered will then trigger the set node. So I guess it already does what you need it to do?
If I misunderstand, please clarify the issue/question.

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Hi @BramKn,

My question is I want the next set to return webhook output.

I have 3 different webhooks, how the set node will return dynamically the previous trigerred webhook ?

I hope that’s clear enough, thanks

Hey @TheG,

The Set node would contain the data for whatever trigger node started the workflow, The same workflow instance won’t run for all 3 nodes so it will only ever contain the data for the webhook node that triggered it.

If you run your workflow and pick one of the webhook urls to use you can see it in action, I also put together a workflow yesterday that partially shows show this can be used which you can find here: Route the data depending on the trigger - #4 by Jon

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Thanks guys, It’s to turn of “keep only”.
Crystal clear

Yeah that would do it, It was hard to see from your screenshot what setting was in the node which is part of why we ask for the workflow to be posted so we can see :slight_smile:

Glad you have managed to resolve it.

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