Outsource Credentials


I really think that this project is super cool, I immediatly pitched it to my boss and he likes it too.
The only thing that didn’t fit our senior technician was that credentials are somehow encaspulated within this application.

It would be cool if credentials could be stored externally, for example in a gitlab vault.
I could also imagine a specific node that fetches credentials and then stores them temporarily for the rest of the worklow.

This plus a proper user / roles management obviously.

Would really love to use this tool in production :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums @EnCz!

This is an excellent idea and actually one that @jan and I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. I’m actually playing around with integrating a 3rd party password manager into my flows. Some of my candidates are:

I will probably end up creating some custom nodes around at least one of these solutions.


That sounds really promising :slight_smile: I reflected it with our technician and he put 2 more candidates out there:

I think especially gopass seems like a really good solutions since its free, open-source, compatible with everything and self-hosted. Make sure to take a look at it :slight_smile:

I will keep an eye out on new versions of n8n.io! Our executives are all about security and protection of data privacy because we have a lot of customers, so there still needs to be some more advancement in this area (e.g. password managers, user/roles etc.) for us to use it confidently as it is now.

Thanks for your answer!

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I’ll take a look at the other two options. They are new to me but gopass intrigues me, especially the self-hosted piece.

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Outsource passwords is a good idea but as long as we only have one user we need a way to prevent the user from reading any password in clear text - or getting the credentials to the password store to read out the passwords. I created a feature request for this scenario.

Great idea!

+1 for bitwarden

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