Ownership lost after editing a workflow on the n8n.io website

Hello, this is not a feature request, but rather a bug found on the n8n.io website

I noticed one strange thing about the workflows. Take a look at these two:

They were both created by me (eduard), but once I tried to edit them I lost the ownership and now they belong to some random dude. I think there is an issue on the website’s backend. It’s hard to tell if this only happened to me or not, but it looks serious.

Hopefully this could be resolved.

Hi @Ed_P, I am very sorry for the trouble. I know @Ben is currently looking into this from our end, let’s hope this will get fixed soon :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Ed_P! I have fixed these manually. You can now see the correct attribution on the website :slight_smile:

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fixed and deployed. Thank you @Ed_P for reporting!