"Page Added to Database" event in Notion Trigger node could trigger only once per new page

Right now, on each workflow execution the “Page Added to Database” event (with the Notion Trigger Node) appears to always return the last page added to the database. Ideally the node would track [ { “id” } ] and not trigger if that page has already triggered the event.

This would allow for the simplification of applications using n8n and Notion Trigger nodes. My use case is to mirror a Notion database in Google Sheets. Right now it looks like I need to record the Notion database page id in a sheets column and validate that I’m not duplicating a record.

Though, it’s also possible that I’m using the node wrong.

In test mode (When you execute the trigger from the UI) the trigger will always return the last item. In production (When you active the workflow) the trigger will just return new records added to the database.


Oops! I had a feeling I might be making a mistake. Thank you for the correction.

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