Pagination included into HTTP Node

Please can you include pagination functionality in the HTTP request node by default, rather than users having to bake in their own javascript function nodes to handle this?

That is not a bad idea although potentially tricky as not all APIs are the same. I guess we could have some different options to look for next URLs in a response body or in a header.

I will add this to our internal tracker as I can see it being useful.

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yeah could potentially make a drop down option to use different settings related to this etc

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I’m sorry if i’m suddenly join this topic, but I think this one is not possible, even it’s possible it has potential to break the HTTP node it self since every database, platform, etc has their own pagination method, and pagination require more than 1 called every request that you make to get next page
the problem is even this idea can be implemented, this gonna make your HTTP node blocked if the API source having trouble or downtime when the HTTP node automatically request next page data to the API source.
Even with the drop down options, that’s mean HTTP node will call HTTP method again inside it, the other trouble is if when something happen or there is a bug in source API, this gonna loop the HTTP node it self, since you cannot control, the callback with the second call.

but yeah there is nothing impossible but again this is just my opinion… :joy: