Parallel branch

In my workflow, i want to run multiple branch in parallel. For exemple, i run an http request, and it give me that i have to run 5branches, and then i need to run those 5 branches in parrallel.
Looks like it’s not possible with n8n?

Hi @Gautier_WOJDA,

Currently, only http requests accepts parallel requests.

Flow works in a sequential way (first node, second one and so on…).

my worker are running on a kub cluster, and i communicate with then other on API with http request.
How to make this http request parrallel ? I tried to make a node with two http request as child and it’s still execute the 1st, then second…

If you are able to create a node, check HTTP request node. This node executes parallel requests to endpoint so you can use it as a sample.