Passing header parameters into the Dropbox node

Hi there,

Is there a way for us to pass the Dropbox-API-Path-Root header into the Dropbox node?

Currently the authentication only allows us to access the files and folders that are tagged to our base name space and cannot traverse out of that folder into the root folders.

I am able to access all my Dropbox folders only through a http request with the header key Dropbox-API-Path-Root and value {".tag": “root”, “root”: “7701921520”}, the number being my root namespace.

However, I’d like to directly send this header parameter to the Dropbox node itself so as to perform functions on these rooted folders through the visual interface

Welcome to the community @Gabriel_Curren!

No passing custom headers is currently sadly not possible. So changed it to “Feature Request”. We will have a look to make possible what you have planned. Should not be too hard.

@Gabriel_Curren I had to work on this to enable another use case. Now by default, API-Path-Root is set to the root namespace. We will let you know as soon as it’s released.


Hi @RicardoE105 when will this be released on Mon cloud? Can’t wait to get out of integromat.

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This will probably be released on Monday.