Passing Value from a Set Node into a MySQL query

At the end of a rather long workflow, I’m looking to delete a specific row from a table in a MySQL db. This is the simplified end:

I need to pass a value from Set1 Node, to specify which is the row is to be deleted.
The statement I eventually came up with that did not cause a MySQL error and was expecting to work is this:

DELETE FROM pending WHERE txid = '{{$node["Set1"].json["txid"]}}'

However, it returns "affectedRows": 0,
Meaning, it does not do anything.

For the sake of validating the data and overall flow, I tested with passing the actual value (and then re-added the row) :

DELETE FROM pending WHERE txid = "A6E9F87537FB9DCC3F926B6795D96E17B4186E660F894C1F142392D3E0BC91"

That works and deletes the row. Could someone please set me straight and tell me what’s wrong with the MySQL statement?

Here is a look at the Set1 Node:

Hi @diskin

I have no way to check at the moment and havent used mysql in a while.
But I see you are using single quotes instead of double quotes you use with the manual query.
Could that be it?

Thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunately, that’s not it. When I used double quotes instead of single around the dynamic/node query, it threw a MySQL error.

Hi @diskin, I am sorry to hear you’re running into trouble here.

I’ll set up a test database and give this a go. Can you share your workflow and confirm the exact version of MySQL you’re running as well as the type of your txid column? I tried this using a varchar column and it deleted just fine:

Edit: one though I just had, is there a chance your query is just a text and not an expression (meaning it would not be evaluated)?

Ah…your Edit nailed it. It had been entered as text not as an expression as you said.
Thank you very much!

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Glad to hear, thanks a lot for confirming!