Peertube node

It would help if there was a node for:

Peertube, a self-hosted federated alternative to youtube. This can be especially powerful for folks who use it for internal video sharing or if the org uses peertube for social video sharing.

My use case:

I’d love to be able to upload videos to peertube through n8n. That way I could include a video in a folder somewhere on nextcloud or seatable or airtable, and have the relevant video uploaded automatically to peertube. Right now, I’d have to have it upload to youtube first and then have peertube pull it from there which isn’t as clean if I’d rather not have a youtube account alltogether.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

I am not really a dev, so unfortunately no. The little javascript I know gets me by with n8n’s massive and awesome help, but not enough to figure this out.