Persistent Updatable List or Data in Workflow

After each run of the whole workflow, I have some data that would like to write/update, either whitelist or blacklist with some related information for each entry. These data will be used for the next run. Ex. If this data already exist then skip this branch, and etc.

I’m wondering if there is any existing or recommended solution for such thing.

Hi @BeStill, n8n does have a very basic storage to persist data between runs, called static data:

This works for simple use cases (where you simply want keep track of the last processed item or a timestamp for example) but can be tricky to work with. It’s not available for manual executions.

So I typically use an external database for the job, but fellow n8n user @telegram-copilot also published a community node to store data between runs. You can check it out here if you’d like to give a go:

Hello @MutedJam,

Thanks for your information. The “KV Storage” looks good. However, I might need to store information more than just key and value. I think I will take a look into setting up a database. Do you have any suggestion on which DB might work better with n8n?

I have also tried Google Sheet, but it looks like it requires Google Cloud to work. Is this true?

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