Pinned data is shown even on past production workflow executions


On the latest n8n as of this topic (n8nio/n8n:0.196.0), if I have an HTTP request node with pinned data, if I go check past executions (production workflow), it shows the pinned data instead of the actual data of such execution.

Can anyone confirm this? I don’t want to unpin the data, I just want to check the real data that occurred in a past execution

The incident happened with a large JSON, I clicked the button to show anyway, and it showed a way smaller JSON (the pinned data, I guess)


This has been happening for me for a while. A bit frustrating when you’ve pinned the trigger node and the next node overwrites the input data. You have no way of viewing the trigger data via the UI.

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Oh my goodness yes, same here. I’m trying to troubleshoot a workflow that didn’t execute correctly. Had data pinned in the Test version of the workflow and the pinned data shows up in the execution instead of the actual data passed to the workflow in that execution. I think this is a design flaw.

Hopefully this is fixed in future versions - I’m still on 0.188.0

Edit: I created a feature request.


I just tested with the latest version 0.211.2 there it seems to be working fine.