Pinned JSON gets modified by next node

Hello! :wave:

I’m trying to set a JSON for testing in my first node by pinning it.
But whenever I click on the second node it loads different data into the first node!

I’m puzzled. I tried restarting my instance, refreshing the page, disconnecting, reconnecting, saving, reloading, …
I guess I’ll just add a new HTTP node but for the sake of knowing : why is that ? :sweat_smile:

EDIT: OMG replacing with another HTTP node is not fixing it. I’m going crazy tying to test my flow. :rofl:
I started N8N last week, maybe I’m missing something.


Wait… what?

Give me 5 minutes I need to go test that.

@Joachim_Brindeau oddly enough I can’t reproduce this and I am not sure why. Could you share your workflow (I have already typed out the pinned data).

What version of n8n are you running as well?

I don’t have my computer with me but will give you all the info tomorrow!

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I can confirm the bug is still there! :rofl:
Running on 0.219.1

I will send you the flow in private.
Let me know if you want to hop on a call to test/discuss.

EDIT: Can also confirm that as long as I don’t open the second node myself, running the flow doesn’t modify the pinned data.

Did this ever get resolved, @Joachim_Brindeau?

Hi @sirdavidoff !

Actually I don’t know about this particular setup as I changed my workflow since then, but I can confirm the issue probably remains as I’m seeing very odd behaviour with that “scope” parameter I need.

For example here is my HTTP request:

And here is what the webhook received:

The query ends up as scope every time, just like the issue in the video.

Hope someone can sort it out. :joy:

Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

Nevermind, bug is still going strong :rofl:

(running 0.223.0)

Just to be clear, the bug appears in two instances:

  • When data-pinning scope = search, opening next node turns into into scope = querytext.
  • When calling another workflow using an HTTP Request node with scope = search, it arrives in the webhook as scope = querytext. (that’s really my main issue)

If I pin data in the first node and click start workflow without ever opening the second node, the flow runs normally.

That is super-strange — unfortunately I can’t reproduce either. Do you still get it if you start from scratch?


  • Create a new workflow
  • Add a webhook followed by an HTTP node
  • Make a request to the webhook’s test URL
  • Pin it, then change the data

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