Pipefy integration

They have a really cool software + it’s usable for free, so really should be considered for integration https://www.pipefy.com/

pipedream already has integration with pipefy, so a lot of it could be copy pasted maybe

Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? To be sure that if this node gets created, it already does what you need it to do.

Also, remember to upvote the feature request.

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actually I’m not too extensively familiar with pipefy, but our company already chose to use it; the integration shouldn’t apply to me, it should apply to the general reusable case. Please check what pipedream pipefy integration looks like.

Don’t forget to upvote your request, @sagdiyev!

Very useful platform!

It would be fantastic! I’m working on developing this integration. Somebody help me?

Where are you stuck exactly?

I’m stuck in the generic functions file, I was creating it following the step by step as in the n8n documentation. I have already created the files pipefy.node.ts, PipefyTrigger.node.ts. I don’t know how to go on! :frowning:

You need in Triggers to listen to Webhooks from:

  • Create Card;
  • Card Moved;
  • Card Done;
  • Card Field Update;

Could you please help me?

So you need a trigger not a regular node (so the pipefy.node.ts it’s not needed). Are you following the tutorial to create a trigger node?


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Have a couple of questions:

  1. Why does the repo has that structure?
  2. How are you testing that?
  3. Did you follow the tutorial I shared?
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Yes, follow! My biggest difficulty right now is listening to Pipefy’s createcard webhooks. Could you help me how can I implement this functionality?

In order to be able to listen you need to implement the three webhook methods: checkExist, create and delete. Did you try that?

This is explained in the tutorial I shared with you.

Hey @jhony-souza, did you manage to finish?

I ended up needing that same integration and I can’t find anything similar to be able to connect

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Hello @htnrodrigues, ! Yes, get it resolved.

You can use the GraphQL node, to use the Pipefy API. Or, as I did, I created a Pipefy node already with all the operations. If you have questions, contact us at. :wink:


Do you already have a model for integration with Pipefy? It would be interesting for me to maybe interconnect in my system.

Yes, @Rafael_Fortes. I already have a Pipefy connector.

Captura de tela 2023-04-03 130324

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Where can I download this Workflow? I wanted to try to connect it to my ERP.

@Rafael_Fortes Can you try to stick to English when posting as we only offer support in English and I have translated your last 2 messages for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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@jhony-souza How can I integrate n8n with Pipefy?
What type of node should I use on n8n so that I can create a connected card, for example.

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It’s possible @Rafael_Fortes by using n8n’s GraphQL node, or creating your own node for Pipefy, as I did.

Pipefy’s API is built on GraphQL, get a feel for the documentation.

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