Pivot and resume values

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Dear n8n team. I need to solve one thing that don’t know if could be possible.

I have the following information data:

And I need to resume the information to get something like this.

To be honest this is something that completely exceed my possibilities with JavaScript. Furthermore I don’t know if this is something possible to do directly on n8n. I tried to solve with nodes but obviously I couldn’t.

Hey @MaaPer,

So are you trying to insert formulas into a Google Sheet or is that data an example of what you expect to see in n8n?

Hi @Jon this is something quite easy to obtain in Google Sheet, however I don’t know how to get that transformation on n8n

Hi @MaaPer,

So does that mean the images are an example of what you expect to see in n8n and it isn’t something you want to do in Google Sheets? At the moment I am trying to work out what you are actually trying to do.

Yes. I have the data in one n8n node formated like the first picture and need to transform to be like second picture.
Is that possible?

Hey @MaaPer,

I don’t see why not, Let me grab a coffee and I will take a proper look.