Planning - Load credentials from database

We are facing a similar issue with Exact Online that a user has described in the past. The solution for the problem was created in a Pull Request, but not Merged:

We are now facing a client that receives errors in almost every flow due to this mechanism. Exact has given us special treatment to have less restrictions around the re-use of old tokens, but only till 1-9-2021, then the normal rules will hold again.

Furthermore, it looks like the Teamleader ( API has the same problem, the second request always fails when we start a data extract that has pagination. My request: could the Pull Request be looked into and perhaps be appended to the upcoming release?

Hi @laurens-novyx

Thank you for reporting and I am deeply sorry for the problems you are facing.

The PR was created but it is a big change (222 files) and it’s also a breaking change, so we’re planning the best way to release this update.

I will check how it is progressing internally and come back to you with more information asap.


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Hey @laurens-novyx

We have some other big changes coming and would like to release a single breaking change to avoid having our users go through multiple breaking versions.

I cannot say exactly when we can release those changes as some of them are still in progress but we are working as fast as possible to release.

I hope we have some news for you soon!

Thanks Omar for the answer.

I’ll wait eagerly for the release then. :slight_smile:

Fix got released with 0.135.0

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