Please consider publishing your docker image to another registry in addition to dockerhub

The idea is:

Dockerhub has pretty dumb rate limits of 100 pulls/6 hours. It would be great if the image could also be pushed to another docker registry like GHCR, Quay, or ECR.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

People will not be tripped up deploying n8n due to pull limits from Dockerhub, this can happen pretty quickly if you are standing up a new Kubernetes cluster and there are other images being pulled from Dockerhub.

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes, since you are using Github and Github Workflows it should be easy.

Welcome to the community @onedr0p !

Thanks a lot. Can def. see how esp. in larger organizations that could very fast be a limiting factor.

Especially the GitHub Container Registry makes for sure sense and should be very simple to add.
The only thing I would worry about a little bit is that to many choices are not always good. Should we then list the different options everywhere (which makes everything longer and more confusing as people suddenly start to wonder which one to choose), or just mention it in one location (which will result in many people overlooking it). Btw. would lean to the latter one.

Uh wow, also just saw that you even opened already a PR for that. Thanks a lot!


If I had a magic wand I would deprecate the images over on dockerhub and move forward with GHCR. With how much Dockerhub has changed in the last couple years, it’s easy to see it’s starting to become an enterprise only platform. The have stupid rate limits and their retention policy is not great either. It cannot be said that Github won’t start implementing changes like this, but for now it’s doing A LOT better than dockerhub as a container platform.

Thanks for hearing me out. I’ve grown to very dislike dockerhub due to their changes and would love to see projects switch away or at least off their images elsewhere too. We’ve already seen popular projects make the switch to GHCR / Quay or ECR over dockerhub for these reasons.

Anyways back to your question, the neat thing about GHCR is that the packages will show up on the right side of the repos landing page. There isn’t much discovery do to there, as GHCR grows in popularity you will see people starting to look there in the first place for finding images.


@jan Any thoughts on the PR? It should be relatively straightforward.

Hey @onedr0p,

Looks like we have someone looking at the PR :slight_smile:

Yes, it got merged already.

Got released with [email protected]

Looks great! Thanks!

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Thanks for making it easy for us!

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