Please update [email protected] to fix security issue!


got informed about a security issue in n8n which just got fixed:

It is very severe, for that reason please update to the latest version (0.55.0) as soon as possible.

An attacker could gain access to your data if he would:

  1. be aware of this issue
  2. knows under which URL your n8n instance is reachable

If you currently run a version < 0.52.0 please check the breaking changes file first:

I am very sorry about this issue! I can for sure not promise that there will never be an issue again but I can promise that I will always do my best to fix them asap.

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How to update n8n correctly?

That depends how you use n8n. Do you have it npm installed or do you use Docker?

If you use Socker you can find the answer for example here:

If you use npm the following should do the trick:

npm update -g n8n