POS node - Squareup and Loyverse

It would be nice if n8n has POS nodes to help small businesses to control their daily activities and stores. Those two POS, Squareup and Loyverse, are famous for a long time, and popular workflow-automation services usually have Squareup and Loyverse nodes in their system, so it would be great if n8n hosts those two nodes as well.

Hey @semighoti,

What sort of things would you want to do with the nodes?

Hello @Jon, I want mainly to pull out the new receipt data created since the last execution and put them on the Google Sheets to keep track of sales of each store.

Pull out the customers’ data to keep track of their visits to have a better loyalty program and marketing strategy. If possible, I want to import and update the customer list from the Google Sheet to the POS system.

I can control the inventory if I keep tracking the receipts well, so I don’t need the inventory trigger, but others might need that feature.



Has this subject progressed?
I agree with @semighoti , the integration of square to N8N would allow to get a lot of information on physical customers and to couple them to online customers to create automations on all channels.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @djimmy, I figured out how to use Webhook to get those info from Square. It is fun, and you will gain more knowledge about the Wehook once you get it work on Square :slight_smile: