Possible to import credentials in a running instance, with CLI?

A query regarding the export/import Credentials options, as given here:

I exported Workflows & Credentials from my DO (docker w/ postgres) n8n instance and imported them in my local (docker w/ postgres) running instance.

Upon execution of CLI commands for import, received ‘Successfully imported’.
But, now i can see the imported workflows only and not the credentials.

Are there any other steps that need to be done, apart from the ones mentioned in the above documentation?


@krynble any idea on what might he happening here?

@shrey-42 no nothing else should be needed. But did you also import both separately? So one import command for the credentials and one for the workflows?

@jan, that’s correct.
Tried them both, separately. Same message: “Successfully imported”.

But only workflows show up.

Did you check if the backup-file of the credentials you are importing from contains data? If so are you sure that you use the correct import-command?

That’s all correct.
But, in this new local instance that i’m using, i haven’t been able to persist DB data…don’t know why till now

Env.: Docker on Windows | postgresdb

Might that have something to do with the credentials import issue?

Yes, that would be possible. But then still strange that n8n imported the workflows fine. Currently sadly then no more ideas what could be going on/wrong.

Yeah, it might just be the issue with my local setup.
Will try with another n8n instance later.