Post a tweet to twitter via HTTP node with text and an image attached

I am interested in understanding how to create a workflow for posting a tweet using the HTTPS request node (not the Twitter node) , I am not interested in using the pre-built twitter n8n node as it only works with elevated access and my account is yet to be approved for this access level.

Please help me understand how to create this type of workflow in order to tweet with text and an image at the same time

I have my current workflow pulling an image from a link using an HTTPS get request and then sending this data to the post HTTPS node for posting via Twitter, however, I am unable to understand how to send the image and a text at the same time.

Id really like to know if this is possible and how to create the workflow, all help is appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Hi @Nalyd_Costa, check out this example using the HTTP Request node: Tweet image - media type unrecognised - #2 by MutedJam