Post a tweet via the Twitter node with a visual attached

Hello to all,

I would like to reopen a topic about the Twitter node that I can’t execute in my workflow.

In a parallel workflow I query a JSON database every hour and paste them into an Airtable.

As soon as an entry arrives on this Airtable, my other workflow containing the Twitter node runs to launch a series of actions including: generating a png visual via an HTTP request. The purpose of this workflow is to tweet the appearance of a new hashflag as soon as a new entry on Airtable appears.

I understood that I had to put a binary data in the input of the Twitter node (for the attached visuals). I make a GET request (screenshot attached) just after generating my visual to convert the data into binary data.

Right after my Twitter node runs with the previously generated “data” property. I realize that only when I manually run the node, it runs correctly. I always have to reconfigure the data property. Is it a bug or me who is not correctly configured the node?

I put you following this link: a recording of my screen so that you can understand the context. Also I leave you my workflow, but I doubt you can reproduce it without my logins…

Thanks for your help!

Hi @arthurcorre, from looking at your workflow, the Twitter node would run for every item it receives. So it will run when your Import image node passes on an item (or multiple items) as well as when Prettier date passes on an item.

Assuming all of these nodes depend on each other, you would typically want to put your nodes in a sequential order, e.g. like so:

Example Workflow

This would prevent either of the branches running on its own and causing to launch the Twitter node without binary data.

(As you have said, I would not be able to run your workflow since I do not know what data your Airtable Trigger or your Generate image nodes would return, so the above is an untested example that might need further refining.

Sorry to hijack this thread. I still can’t get the post to Twitter attachment to work. I have a similar flow with which I download an image using a GET and then I need to use the output in the Twitter node as an “Attachment”. Problem is, no matter which output I use, it won’t work. Which output do I need to use for the attachment field?

Here is an example workflow that shows how it can be done:

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