POST HTTP Request to URL with JSON

I want to POST HTTP Request to URL like this http://serverurl/api and JSON format like this


I’ve tried to use http request like this picture

But result does not like expected, how can I do?

Can you share the API docs?

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@RicardoE105 Because this is internal API docs, so I’ve send you by PM, please check for me, thanks.

Just checked. I will do the following:

1 - Remove the property name. You are sending it but it’s not on the parameter list. It’s in the example thought. Kind of confusing.

2 - Make sure that REQID, LABELID, CONTRACTTYPEID, CONTRACTID, TEMPLATEID, and all IDS have a valid values.

3 - Make sure that SCHEDULETIME can be empty.

I wish I could do more but since the docs are in a vietnamese it’s hard.

@RicardoE105 I’ve pm you true script and true link which tested on Postman result ok, but n8n show result not expected. Please check. Thanks!