Posting on SocMed with one click

Here’s the scenario:

  1. We run our monthly TechUp with a number of speakers
  2. We generate custom collaterals for them for a number of platforms (Insta, FB, LI, Tw)
  3. We post the files on the TechUp repo on GH so they are available for them easily
  4. We send them an email with the link to the repo so they can post their participation in their own channels

What we would like to achieve:

Send email with 1 click links for each platform that

  • Have some default text for the post
  • Links to the collateral (Image or video)
  • Jumps to the corresponding preview of the platform (Twitter Intent, etc.)
  • They see a preview of all that and it’s just ready for them to customize if they want and click to post.

In essence the idea is to make it 2-3 clicks max for them to post the CTAs.

One “simple” idea would be to post in our channels then send the link for repost/retweet. The problem there is that they would have to wait “for their turn” as you wouldn’t want to post all the speakers at once just for that (and thus losing the ability to schedule your posts according to your own outreach strategy).