Pretix node for n8n

The idea is:

Pretix is a powerful, open-source ticketing solution that allows event organizers to sell tickets for their events. Pretix provides a REST API that you can use to automate various actions, including creating orders.

My use case:

Our specialty lies in crafting intimate on-location events, for which we utilize the community edition of Pretix. With each new registration on Pretix, we aim to launch a sequence of targeted notifications for our guests through Mautic. Integrating Mautic and WhatsApp Business API could be made effortless by employing a native Pretix node, enhancing our communication strategy.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Adding full fledged node for Pretix will allow ticket and scanning manipulations via other nodes by make it tremendously flexible.

Any resources to support this?

Pretix REST API documentation here:

I agree with this 100% - Pretix is powerful and we’d like to also integrate Acelle Mail to get all data from ticket sales from customers to add them to specific mailing list (ie: VIP, General Admission, etc)

Hope you guys can make this work soon.