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Is there a possibility that n8n detects already executed items and just skip them? Let me give you more details:
I am the developer of the “SeaTable” node. SeaTable is comparable to Airtable, so it is a no code database where you can define your database structure in a browser and store all kind of data in it.
Currently I am improving the node and I want to add a new trigger like “New file / image”. This trigger should watch file/image columns and if there is a new file/image it should pass the items.

Now here is the thing: SeaTable has a “ctime” where the date of the last change of the row is stored. The value of ctime is changed everytime something changes in the row. ctime is updated if a picture/file is added but also if another column is changed.

This leads to the problem, that if I change another column in the row, the images/files are passed again to the next node. First I didn’t detect this problem because Zapier for example, caches every execution and if an entry with the same id is delivered it is just skipped.


Do you see any possibilities to prevent this?

Is there something similar in n8n? Can I for example provide an id like “unique-row-id + file name” and n8n just skips the execution if this values was already used?

Can I save the former executions in any case or does the node has to deliver this logic?

Thanks for any hints
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Welcome to the community @christophdb !

Sadly is there currently nothing. There is this open PR, which I hope I can finish at some point. But until it is merged you would have to stare that information yourself somewhere:

Thanks. I will try to figure out a good solution and post it here.

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