Problem activating workflow

Hello , I am using n8n self hosted version. I have creaed a work flow with a few seatable trigger.
However,after i activate the workflow, from time to time, i receive this error. " problem activating workflow"

may i know what is wrong with my setup?

Hi @Benjamin123

Have you tried splittinf the workflow? So each part is a seperate workflow.

I’ve never tried having 1 workflow with so many trigger nodes. This might be the issue.


Hello , I think it might be the issue. After i try to create the workflow with only 1 trigger node, i am able to "active " the workflow

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That is odd you should be able to have mutliple triggers in the same workflow. I know if you duplelicate a trigger node rather than adding it from the menu it can cause issues, Any chance that was what you did here?