Problem Box Node download file

I try to download a file from Box with the Box node.
Apparently the file is downloaded from Box. However, when I click on ‘show binary data’ in the Box node, nothing is displayed in the preview. Even if I forward the result of the download, I do not get a readable pdf.

He should display the following:

Can sadly not reproduce the issue. If I test it with a workflow (can be found below) which downloads a PDF from the web, uploads it to box, and then downloads it from there again, it displays the PDF correctly for me. Is there maybe something wrong with the PDF you are using? If not, can you please post a workflow that demonstrates the issue you are having so that we can debug it?

My test workflow:

This seems to be related to: Unable to Preview Downloaded PDF files in Google Drive - #3 by RicardoE105

Hello Jan
I tried your workflow with your data and it works.
Now i change the upload Url to
Upload works to box. I can open and download the file thru the browser and it opens without any problem.
But download with the box-node produced the same issue i wrote before.