Problem executing workflow There was a problem executing the workflow: "Cannot read properties of null (reading '$error')"

I have this flow, here’s part of it

Now, this node:

keeps giving me this error

Its the same as the node above it which works ok, making the same calls etc and there are results coming from if IF node, I tried adding a no op after true false as I’ve seen that bug before, but it didn’t help.

I have no idea why it thinks there is no output from the node before?

Hey @RedPacketSec, unfortunately it’s really hard to understand what might be happening here with just screenshots rather than the actual workflow. Is there any chance you can share a simplified workflow using which your problem can be reproduced?

yeah let me get something knocked up

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ok try this

Hey @RedPacketSec, thanks so much!

From taking a first look it seems this could be related to the HTTP Request not returning valid JSON for all URLs you’re calling. As a workaround you could set the Response Format to String:

n8n will still understand the JSON response (but will move it under the data key, so you might need to adjust the following nodes a little), but would no longer complain about the non-JSON items:

ahh interesting, the error message was less than useful, but that makes sense. cheers will give it a go.

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yeah that allowed me to pull back the data, thanks.

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Glad to hear this worked and I very much agree on the error message. I don’t think it’s intended, so have added it to our internal bug tracker for a closer look.

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Got released with [email protected]