Problem in Staging URL Toggle

Hi Team,

Am scalling the N8N servers, so now i have worker node, and an webhook node once after started using the webhook node am getting 404 for my staging trigger did i need to add anything on my env for staging webhook url, i have searched for the docs but its pretty fine, can some one please help on this

Thanks in advance

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<meta charset="utf-8">
<pre>Cannot POST /webhook-test/f92ffc6e-ae1b-4083-aa2b-b37f29c674ef</pre>

Also i havent set N8N_DISABLE_PRODUCTION_MAIN_PROCESS the value its in false

The test webhook URL can only be called on the n8n main instance. Could that be the issue.

so did i need to change the webhook tunnel url for the main instance

Also did i need to add any env for calling the test URL

You could either change it on the main instance or configure the proxy you have in front of n8n to route traffic differently:

  • /webhook-test => Main instance
  • /webhook on of the webhook instances