Problem loading parameters for salesforce

i am trying to automate the flow between Gsheet to salesforce.

Hi, @Jaison_Joseph, are you sure your Salesforce credentials are connected and working properly?

Thanks david for your help. I figured it out and also realised, I am not able to test this automation into salesforce sandbox using n8n. while connecting url by default is going to production. Trying to figure out a solution for that??

The credials are connected but its throwing errors as mentioned below - (There was a problem loading the parameter options from server: “Bad request - please check your parameters”) Suggest solutions please

In my mind, this is posible by updating the Access Token URL parameter in the credentials? :thinking:

Am I missing something?

Thanks Ricardo…

Could you please help me to fix the procees in setting up external id value. I have copied and pasted email id from the first line of the gsheet i am trying to automate the process from. I cant see any errors though. but the automation is kicking triggering, when a new data is entered into the Gsheet.

i meant the automation is not triggering.

The workflow it’s not going to trigger when data is added to Google Sheets but rather when the Cron node runs. For example, if you se tup the Cron node to run 10 minutes, then the workflow its going to run every 10 minutes.

I agree… I set cron for a mintue for testing… it should trigger every min, when entering data into G sheet.

Is there anything else i need to do while setting up External id value other than pasting the reference email and last name from the sheet in the above workflow

the above screen shot is my trigger

Hey @Jaison_Joseph!

You will only see the output in the n8n Editor UI when you execute the workflow manually. If your workflow is active (running in production), you will not see how the output here. You will have to check the Executions List.

Did you run your workflow manually (by clicking on the “Execute Workflow”) button? If yes, did it ran successfully, or did you get an error?

Thanks for the reply… I executed the workflow by clicking the buttom manually and the data that i entered in External id value flowed successfully into salesforce. After that all other entries did not flow in as i updated new entries in the gsheet.

Hi @RicardoE105 .

With regards to the gsheet and salesforce integration ,Did you figure out, what might be going wrong in my end. Do you recon the work flow is not executing from the salesforce end is due to me using my developer edition for testing. As it was not working for sandbox for my org.

Hey @Jaison_Joseph!

There are different kinds of nodes in n8n. You can read about them here: Nodes Library | Docs

Based on the type of node you use (and if you have set your workflow to active for Trigger node) the workflow will execute automatically. However, you will not see any output. You will have to check the Execution list. If you’re not using any trigger node, you will have to execute the workflow manually. A good place to start and learn more about n8n will be our blog: and our documentation:

You can even check our YouTube Channel if you want to refer to video resources:

Hey @Jaison_Joseph, one more thing: It seems like you’d only like the new records to get added to Salesforce.

With your current setup of Cron → Google Sheets → Salesforce, it would add all the records from Google Sheets (including the old ones) every time it is run.

@harshil1712 Wrote an excellent post on polling and how to use that for services that don’t have a Trigger node or webhooks. That might be of help: Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲

Hi @harshil1712, @tanay,

Thanks again for the continued support,really a great community.

Ricardo created a new operation called Create/update function for salesforce to stop any duplication and update existing data when needed. my work flow is almost complete… for some reason the data is not flowing into salesforce and there are no errors. Though we are not able zero in on the issue. I had a meeting with ricardo on tuesday, unfortunately he was not able to figure out at that point.

That is image of the work flow as when the data is entered in g sheet… it is sill not mapping into contacts in salesoforce