Problem running workflow Github

I have this problem,

“Problem running workflow
A webhook with the identical URL probably exists already. Please delete it manually on Github!”

I don’t know how can i delete webhook in my GitHub.
Can you help me ?

Hey @Prince_NoCode,

I have just taken a quick look in Github and it looks like it could be under Webhooks in your Repos settings.

@Jon , thanks a lot,
And I want to know if this makes using one webhook block the other. can we configure several webhooks on the same GitHub repo ?

Hey @Prince_NoCode,

That is a great question, I have had a quick look and you can use multiple webhooks on a repo. To be complete I also added 2 webhooks that both look at the same event and they were both triggers so you could in theory have multiple triggers all looking at the same thing if you wanted to.

Thank you , i will try everything :pray:

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