Problem to install n8n with Docker in Raspberry Pi B 2.0


i try to install n8n with Docker on my Raspberry pi B 2.0. I’ve install Raspberry Pi OS and i’ve succeeded to install Docker.
Now, i tried to install n8n with instruction on the n8n documentation but i’ve problem and i don’t find the solution.
when i used the command below, i’ve error message :
docker run -d -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 -v n8n_data:/home/node/.n8n

Errore Message :

Unable to find image '' locally

latest: Pulling from n8nio/n8n

docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm/v6 in the manifest list entries.

See 'docker run --help'.

certainly an incompatibility with the ARM v6 processor… But is there a solution?


Hey @Justin_D,

As you noticed we don’t support ARMv6 as we use newer versions of NodeJS which have no support for it.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: I go to Shop de Raspberry Pi 4 !

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