Problem with adding lines to sheet

Hello, I have a problem adding lines to the sheet. I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

Hey @Max_T, as a first step, could you set the Value Input Mode to a valid value again? To do so, simply click the three dots next to the field and select Reset Value like so:


Next, could you please describe which problem exactly you are having and share the JSON data returned by your Function Node (and thus passed on to your Google Sheet node)?

I have such values. I’d like to add them as a new line in a sheet. Everything seems to pass, but these values don’t apply to the sheet.

Oh I see. So when using the Append operation would try to look up column headers matching the keys of your n8n item. So with your data specifically, n8n would look for a column named data. If you have such a column, n8n would add the data to your sheet like so:

I mean, I wanted to add rows. adding a date column didn’t change anything. data for this column did not get inserted for some reason.

I wish I could add a row

like this, but something doesn’t work, they don’t add up at all

Hi @Max_T, your data column is outside the range (column A to F) you have defined in your Google Sheets node which is why n8n can’t find it.

If you’d like to append a value of dzisiaj in a column named Daata, you’d need to ensure you send the corresponding n8n item.

Or in other words, running a workflow like this:

For a Google Sheet like this:

Will cause the example value to appear in the Daata column:


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thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I have one more question. I put in the first http module HTTP - Developers - Dropbox

I don’t really understand what’s going on because it doesn’t download new files for me. Before, when I did it, it works and now something has happened and it is not working.

Seems like a different problem tbh, seeing we didn’t touch your HTTP Requests at all in this conversation. Which error are you seeing?

Yes, this is a different problem because it concerns a different part of the scenario. the first screen is for / list_folder / get_latest_cursor and the second is for / list_folder / continue

the first screen is for the element that returns the cursor. thanks to it, the second element can download the list of newly added files. Something is wrong because it doesn’t download newly added files

This is what the scenario looks like after the previous tips

I think I understand. The first item http / list_folder / get_latest_cursor gets the position of the last item. If I download the cursor first and then manually add files to Dropbox, the next item will return me a list of the files I added. However, if I add files manually first and then download the cursor, the list will be empty.

Hey @Max_T, this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the HTTP Request node but you getting an unexpected response from the API you’re calling. You might need to check the respective documentation to figure out how it works I am afraid.

If I understand correctly, I have to extend the schematic and make two paths. I will move the first element to the first track. I will run the first element only once. When the folder I’m getting files from is still empty, because then I get the cursor to the initial position. I have to save the result of this element (the cursor) somewhere, e.g. in sheet google. In the second track I have to add a cursor reading element from the sheet and then the rest of the elements visible in the script will do. At the end of this second path, I have to add an element that updates the cursor in the sheet. If I now add files and run automations, the automation will detect that I have added new files after the cursor and add new files to the sheet.