Problem with google calendar credentials


Firstly, thanks for being part of your community!

I am using n8n self-hosted on docker with nginx. I am trying to add credentials for Google calendar, but unfortunately I got stacked.

  1. I made new credential:
  2. I made a key for them:
  3. I made new credentials in n8n with
    3.1 Client ID: (tried also email)
    3.2 Client Secret: (I copied this key and replace \n to new line)

When I click Sign in with Google, I got auth error:

Also when I am in calendar node, I cannot load my calendars:

I am new in n8n so I am sorry if I am making stupid mistake

Thank you very much in advance!

Welcome to the community @Shirobachi

Did you follow The instructions below?


I mean, before I was using Service Account instead of OAuth. Now I changed all staff to OAuth but still I cannot sing in with Google…

I am not sure if it’s related, but on n8n callback url had no / after dev (on google console I added ofc)
I also use password on my page

ahh yes., the missing / is an issue. You need to set the env variable WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL=https://yoururl/

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Yeah, it’s working! Lovely, thanks!

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The great @krynble has also created a PR to fix this automatically in the future:

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