Problem with installing packages

I made:

  1. clone from git
  2. I finish build success
  3. I try to install extracted-zip package, because I want to use it in my workflows
  4. I make npm run start
    I get errors that I miss packages for n8n like :
    and I stop here, Mabey I will get another error if I continue
    when I install the the package(step 3) I saw that he rollback to some of the packages

what I doing wrong ?

by the way, I put the environment variables

Hey @Asaf_Shay, I am sorry to hear you’re running into this behaviour.

Can you confirm the exact commands you are running before running into the problem as well as the operating system you are using?

you can see that I install a new package and for some reason, it uninstalls some stuff,
and when I try to run the n8n again I get an error message that I miss some packages
my OS is windows server 2019

btw, only if I copy the folder of the package from a different app to node_modules at n8n and put at package.json at Dependencies the package name, then it works. but it’s not supposed to be like that, I suppose to install easy every package that I want

Hey @Asaf_Shay, sorry for the late reply. It looks like some of n8n’s dependencies are missing. Seeing you seem to be working with the n8n repository, could you make sure to follow the steps outlined in the respective documentation?

I wasn’t sure that I install windows-build-tools, so I try to install it again and you can see that he’s tried to install different things that I didn’t ask from him

Hi @Asaf_Shay, these would be dependencies of the Windows build tools rather than anything under n8n’s control.

ok, but still I have a problem when I try to install the different package as I mentioned at the begin

That would seem to be related to the external package you are trying to install. I am not familiar with its installation script unfortunately, so you might want to check with the respective maintainers or their community for details.

Seeing this package appears to simply extract archives you could also consider using functionality already built into n8n. For example n8n’s built-in Compression node which can unzip files. Or the Execute Command node to run any command line command from your operating system.

thanks, can you please tell me how to install a new package, because whatever package I try it uninstall stuff that n8n needed, I even try to install my package that doesn’t have anything in it, and it’s still uninstalled stuff

Sure, I’ve shared a recent example here: Installing additional module with npm - #2 by MutedJam

Thanks, it would have saved me a lot of time

Hm, I have posted the example only shortly before I answered your message and with this thread in the back of my mind. So I am not quite sure what you were expecting here to be honest. But I take it this is working for you now?

yep, thanks
I think you should consider putting this info in the setup docs