Problem with JWT configuration

I’m trying to configure JWT instead of basic auth for n8n ui-editor. I’ve configured Auth0 and have JWT token and JWKS.

My n8n instance is running with ENV variables related to JWT:


but I get error on browser when trying to open editor: {“code”:403,“message”:“ Invalid token”}.

I’ve inspected http request at Chrome dev tools and see that request headers doesn’t have any Authorization header.
I tried to specify bearer token at N8N_JWT_AUTH_HEADER but got the error Missing token

I was repeated the same request at Postman with auth header Authorization: Bearer <MY_TOKEN> and got loaded n8n without any errors, so for some reason n8n client can’t send Authorization header.

What should I do to JWT header be sent at request headers?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @bilravil!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

Can you share the steps that I can follow to re-create this? If you’re able to access it via Postman, it should work on the browser as well.

Hi @harshil1712!

I have access via Postman because I just repeated http request to my instance like from browser but manually have added Authorization header Authorization: Bearer <JWT_TOKEN>.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Have n8n instance with enabled JWT auth like me:

  2. At Postman send GET request to your instance without any headers → receive error Missing token. At browser I see the same error.

  3. Add header Authorization: Bearer <JWT_TOKEN> and repeat the request → see loaded html in response window.

So my conclusion is n8n ui editor can’t set Authorization header.