Problem with Node Flow organisation?

I have a series of nodes in my workflow which dont seem to connect properly when running the workflow. I think it is something to do with the formatting I have done. Can anyone see what is wrong with this? The node that is not running is the “CreateCompany1” node. It doesn’t seem to think any data is coming into it. I am pulling the data from the very first node, TypeformTrigger1.

Any help would be much appreciated

The node should actually get executed 5x. Is that what you want?

Do some of the input nodes of “CreateCompany1” have more than one item? If so how does the expression look like you have set on the node “CreateCompany1”?

Ah I dont actually want it to execute 5 times. I just want it to execute once but I need all the data from the 5 branches to come in to it.

The data being used in the node is

{{$node["Typeform Trigger1"].json["Startup name:"]}}

However when I run the node it doesn’t seem to think any data is there.


So the node seems to be taking in the data, but then not actually recognising it for some reason. In the CAUSE JSON it says that no data has been entered.

Hey @aziadlourad,

If you want the data from all the branches you will have to combine them using the Merge node. There has to be only a single input for the HTML node.

Hey @aziadlourad,

How are you doing? Let us know if you’re still stuck :slight_smile: