Problem with two way sync b/w notion and google tasks

Hey all kind people,

I am trying to make synchronize b/w notion database and google tasks. Something went wrong because tasks are title are swapping :sweat_smile:
I feel like could be some problem with merge node but now sure. Also checked the execution history and for me looks like updating google tasks (GT) sometimes change wrong title ;/
In the execution looks for me that merge node merge correct but I not super familiar with this node (I used join left before and was same propblem)

Does someone maybe see potential problem :sweat_smile: I’m getting out of my mind xD


Thanks for any idea in advance :))

I think it’s because sometimes WF run before others finished, but still investigation so not sure

Hi @Shirobachi

That workflow is a lot to look at, could you post the part of the workflow that has your issue in it and an example data set to show what is going wrong.

I think I resolved the problem. The merge block was merge wrong items ;/


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