Problem with update contact in Mautic

Hi, good morning everyone.
I am trying to update a contact and its variable ‘Llamado’.

But I don’t know why the following error appears every time the workflow is executed,
the id, credentials and field are correct.

For example, I do another run from the Mautic node and get the contact id linked to the email

Hey @victormiranda!

This seems to be an issue with Mautic and not n8n. You might get more help on their forum. Maybe this can help you narrow down your search: Search results for '500 internal' - Mautic Community Forums

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Thanks for answering @harshil1712. The weird thing is that it only happens to me when I update or create a contact. If I find the solution I will notify you here, see you!

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A quick look at those topics suggested that you need to logout of Mautic from other tabs/browsers. This solved the issue for some of them. Maybe you can try that as well.

Also, I would check with the permissions the credentials have.

This not work for me, it seems that the get request is working but the post request not.

Finally I have chosen to introduce a MySQL query to update that field and everything has worked.

Thank you for sharing it. If other members also have the same issue, then we might have to check the node. But it really seems to be an issue with Mautic.

It’s probably a Mautic problem, a lot has been happening to me there lately.