Problem with webhook

Hi everyone !

I’m experiencing a weird problem with webhooks. I have totally understand the difference between prod and test links but none of them works -> for the test for example, when i execute the node, and go to the link which tell me {“message”:“Workflow got started.”}, nothing prompt in the results window and it continue to “load” in loop (see screenshot). For being sure that there is no problem in my n8n configuration, i tried the video of Sven where he do exactly the same (take the test link, start the node, and see results with no problems). Can you help me on this ? :slight_smile: thank you all !

Configuration :
Docker container
Last version of n8n
Tunnel mode with my ‘

Welcome to the community @Edouard!

That is very strange. What happens if you then call the test URL directly again? Does it fail the second time? Because it should only work 1x.

Hi Jan,

Yes, the second time i call the test URL it fail like it should :slight_smile: that’s why it is so strange

hm if you execute workflows without a webhook manually. Let’s say you have 3 set nodes connected one after another to the start node. Does it resolve correctly then?