Problems stopping Google Sheet node : "on receiving a GOAWAY"


We have problem with stopping a workflow. Currently the workflow is in testing mode and when we tried to execute Google sheet node.
Then this error popped up " New streams cannot be created after receiving a GOAWAY", after that all the workflows in production mode that also has Google sheets node stopped working and started reporting error in execution.

We had to restart the instance to solve the issue, but another workflow to get data from zoom app via http request node which was already in production mode and was working fine till today morning stopped working. On checking the executions we found the same issue as above. Therefore we had to restart it again.

But this error appeared again after few hours.

We had one or two users report this issue on Updating to latest version of n8n did resolve the issue in their case (0.109.0). Hope that helps!


Thank you for the suggestion.
We will update to 0.107.0 the Stable version, if the issues still appears we will update it to 0.109.0

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